Sunday, June 24, 2007

Made to order - a recent icon commission

(Click to enlarge.)

Egg tempura & gold leaf on MDF
14X18.5 cm

A recent commission, an icon portrait... all done and dusted.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Interior landscapes (details of)

Those long promised photos from Interior landscapes... here they are. A small, detailed glimpse at the work as it hung on the wall.

So many canvases, so many chairs, so many vases... and lots of red and white stripes - everywhere. Red and white on both my work and Mary's.

A few more? Okay... I'll happily oblige. More photos taken just moments before the exhibition was dismantled. Before canvases sold went to new homes, and those unsold were wrapped up and packed in the car.

(With MG's two canvases above and my two below.)

(With MG's 'Fifties Fab' to the left.)

Back to the drawing board... literally.

(See a little more here.)