Monday, August 17, 2009


New Thelma's stuffies and hammer & daisy handmade creations have been made especially for Craft Victoria.

1926 Blabon Art Linoleum - Sunroom

1929 Opulent Crane Bathroom

1925 Karpen Sitting Room

1929 Modern Traditional Living Room

1928 Armstrong Linoleum - Ladies Home Journal

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


frolicsome, originally uploaded by Ben Kimball.

Whitetail in Snow

Whitetail in Snow, originally uploaded by Hard-Rain.

Missing the film fest

The Man Who Came With the Snow.

1992. Somewhere in the former Soviet Union. A man enters a lowlife bar. He sits and observes, not speaking.

Gradually, the silent presence of this stranger begins to disturb the other customers – thieves, prostitutes, lunatics and two very young children, a brother and sister selling pistachio nuts. When the bar closes, the man walks out into the freezing night towards a shocking revelation.

Wrestling with issues that plague the former Soviet Bloc nations, Makhmalbaf continues the pointed political commentary that saw him jailed as an activist, and made him one of the strongest cultural voices to emerge from Iran.