Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All stitched up

Experimenting with new head shapes and styles.

Stuffies and felt pins are proving the perfect thing to do whilst my oil paintings dry.

For ladybird fanciers

A new Thelma's stuffie.

New Thelma's stuffies are in the process of being made. Spending my days in the studio sewing stuffie limbs.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A skulk of foxes and friends

Somewhere in Andalusia, three red foxes were holding court. Collage, Gracia Haby.

Soon I'll be appearing sporadically on a new blog with Gracia and Louise. The three of us will be responding to various poetic collective nouns.

Find out more here:
A skulk of foxes and a husk of hares.

Now I must get busy drawing arctic foxes and hares.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Inside my studio

My workspace.

Here in all its paint-splattered glory is my workspace as requested. New works and old works are all jumbled together.

Here is a work in progress with more to follow.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A few more inspiring images

Again, from Mark Hearld's flat. The World of Interiors, November, 2007.

"Hearld's more-is-more approach to interior design reflects a long-standing interest in house full of collections of things."

I love it all.

"Hearld is adamant he is 'extraordinarily untidy', and rarely cleans, despite the moteless surfaces. 'Occasionally, when things are really getting out of hand, my dad comes to my assistance, but generally I think: Why clean when you could be doing something creative? I am very suspicious of anyone washing their car on a Sunday afternoon'."

The World of Interiors.

Inspiration from The World of Interiors

The World of Interiors magazine, November 2007.

This magazine never ceases to inspire me. It also makes me green with envy. From their November issue, a peek inside artist and designer Mark Hearld's Yorkshire flat. I want to live here.

Mark Hearld - St Jude's Gallery, specialising in British printmaking.

(Photography: James Mortimer)

Stuffies for April

Meet Little Zirconia Jean.

New stuffies have and are being made. Little Zirconia Jean (above) is one of ten large Thelma's suffies en route to bauhaus in Rundle street, Adelaide (SA), whilst Bertie Blue and Gerda Green (below) can now be found at Heide Store (VIC).

Meet Gerda Green and Bertie Blue.