Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A few more inspiring images

Again, from Mark Hearld's flat. The World of Interiors, November, 2007.

"Hearld's more-is-more approach to interior design reflects a long-standing interest in house full of collections of things."

I love it all.

"Hearld is adamant he is 'extraordinarily untidy', and rarely cleans, despite the moteless surfaces. 'Occasionally, when things are really getting out of hand, my dad comes to my assistance, but generally I think: Why clean when you could be doing something creative? I am very suspicious of anyone washing their car on a Sunday afternoon'."

The World of Interiors.


gracia said...

Yep, more-is-more... I'm all for that.

hugs, g

elaine haby said...

yes...I really love all this jumble of fascinating bits and pieces. I don't believe myself in too much cleaning and when there is so much to shift and move, well that would be silly to even try. I remember long ago a quote from Picasso "the dust protects the paintings" and its a good thing to embrace the wisdom of one of the Greats.

gracia said...

No arguments from me there... and I certainly would never argue with the likes of Picasso... not a character from art history to suffer fools, I suspect.

Three cheers for DUST! DUST! DUST!

love, me

comfies said...

these images makes me downright happy. the space is wonderful (and my sweet mum would feel vindicated because her home is chock full of wonderful bits and pieces and because cleaning is such a bore..)


julie said...

the red bunny cutout is extremely coveted by me.

molly said...

i'm so in love with the way this place looks. it makes me want to revamp and chock full all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I have reclined on that bed....
the pictures don't do it justice.