Saturday, March 25, 2006

Finding my blog feet

Trying to find less wobbly blog footing today. It's been a wonderful, crazy week & now I am pretty much festivalled out! The Musafir Gypsies, The Jaipur Brass Band, The African Boyz, Popeye - the amazing acrobatic duo, and much, much more. Next week Melbourne will be back to its quiet little self. No Palm Stage - oh woe!

Check out the gracia+louise flickr files to see more of the above.

Off to catch the W11:Karachi2Melbourne tram now for one final fling before it all ends on Sunday. This is your last chance to hop on board the wondrous tram - it's such good fun, everyone beaming. It's good to see the ol' Connies back in town. If only all our tram rides came with Bollywood tunes blaring. Foot tapping and humming away.

Happy weekend to you all,

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