Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Interior landscapes - setting up

Milly and some chairs conversing, Spanish onions, peaches and various striped rugs.

Milly, the photogenic Brunswick Street Gallery cat, with Mary's work.

Mary's 'Red & White Stripes', 18" X 48" (acrylic on canvas) and 'Red & Ribbons', 18" X 48" (acrylic and mixed media on canvas)... almost in place on the gallery wall.

'High expectations', 32" X 32" (oil and pencil on acrylic primed linen), rests against the wall ready to be hung alongside Mary's 'Fifties Fab', 36" X 36" (acrylic on canvas).

A wall of eight 20" X 20" canvases receive the required nudge with a metal ruler.

From left to right, top to bottom:
'Green apples for breakfast'
'Silent meal'
'Chairs conversing'
'Blue striped rug'
'Don't sit there'
'Mexican chair with Spanish onions'
'Kangaroo chair and Spanish onions'
'Waiting peacefully'

More photos to follow sooner than later.


louise said...

The show looks fantastic, Elaine. I can't wait to pop back and have another look around, now that we have finished setting up.

Brilliant work, both of you. Well done, Mary! Well done, Elaine!

cheers, lj

comfies said...


Elizabeth said...

so happy to have serendipitously found myself here - gorgeous -

xox - eb.