Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thelma's handmade newness

Candy Stripe Henry, a felt & fabric stuffie

Three times pink, felt pin

New Thelma's creations not long since finished and available on etsy through hammer & daisy. Find them here:

Thelma's felt and fabric stuffie - Candy Stripe Henry.

Thelma's felt and fabric stuffie - Louis de Mille.

Thelma's felt pin - three times pink.

Louis de Mille, a felt & fabric stuffie


gracia said...

Love, love, love these new ones... your stuffies are bursting with personality, and the pins are beautiful to behold and beautiful to wear.

g, xo

louise said...

We're going to take the other seven or so stuffies to Craft Victoria tomorrow. They'll all soon find new homes - yippee!
cheers, LJ

comfies said...