Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Secrets of the Photocopier - take a look

Secrets of the Photocopier
A group exhibition all about zines

Degraves Street Subway

From the 4th through until the 29th of February, 2008.

Gracia & Louise have a cabinet, as do YOU, The Contextual Villains, Paper/cuts, 7U?, Breakdown Press, All Thumbs Press, DNA, Ianto Ware, Web, The Life And Times of Mavis McKenzie and Erinsborough Exploits.

Pop underground and steal a look.


louise said...

Thanks for the most generous plug, Elaine.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the exhibition, zine festival and opening too.

lj xx

elaine haby said...

that's quite o.k. It was a fun opening and the work and imagination in the zines is quite amazing ....lots of reading and wonderful images.... not only yours (loved the little animals travelling with their zines).... but others as well. If you are in Melbourne.... do get down there whilst it is on...