Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Little Menagerie

Yesterday the three of us, Gracia, Louise & I, set up My Little Menagerie in the window. Here is a look at it, from start to finish... as you can see, I am not one who believes in editing photos.

Thanks honeybun 1 and honeybun 2 for your help.


gracia said...

YAY! for stuffed stuffies! I think your little guys look super in the window.

hugs, g xx

louise said...

Brilliant work Elaine... your tote bags and creatures are fantastic, I hope they find good homes. I, for one, have my eyes on Catherine Panda.

It was fun setting up, wasn't it?

lj xx

comfies said...

these stuffies take the prize! so adorable! and they make such a great window display.

hrsj said...

i'm enjoying all the colors and fabric details you use in your stuffies. i'm glad i stopped by, via gracia's blog.

Brydie Dyson said...

Lovely photos of lovely creatures..... nothing beats the real thing though, I'm so lucky to hang out with them almost every day for six whole weeks! Woopeee!
Great work Elaine! and great helpers you have
B xx