Monday, February 02, 2009

If only,

the life, originally uploaded by nicole | the habit of being.

Stella, why wont you let us do this together?


gracia said...

Yes, Stella on a little lead... I can just see it now. Omar likes his lead, when he wears it, though he has never sat on a rock in the sun, overlooking a stream. He'd love that.

g xo

lj said...

Lucky Ralph. What a honey!

Brydie Dyson and MINE said...

Oh Elaine, that's funny and unfortunate at the same time! A nice little collection of recent blog posts.... I've been forgetting to check in.
Hope Stella's feeling well and truly better. {I'm guessing she is if she won't share you with Peter!}
Take Care,

elaine haby said...

Dear me, I see what you mean, Brydie... I had meant my words in relation to the link rather than the photo of smooching couple ;)

Think I'll switch photos around and edit this post.... Stella is on the mend and back to her grumpy ways, much as I love her.


gracia said...

Ah, yes... the 'If only' makes perfect sense to me now... g xo