Monday, September 07, 2009

Farewell Tasmania, Hello New Orleans

Last month we popped over to Tassie for a lovely visit.

This time next month we'll be in New Orleans.

We intend to go back to Tassie again and not leave it so long between visits. Loved catching up with friends and taking in the sights of Hobart. Planning next time to shop, shop, shop at Salamanca and catch up with the handsome black-nosed Rosco.


gracia said...

Rosco is one handsome dog... a black dog dipped in a little white paint? or a white dog dipped in black? I can't decide which.

I can easily picture him being nursed like an infant on Dad's lap.

g xo

louise said...

Rosco is gorgeous. I long for a dog, as well you know. A whippet, a sausage dog, a Bob... I don't mind which.

louise xo

(Thinking of your tasty leftovers from yesterday's birthday celebrations. Sweet or savory... I can't decide and I have little room but the feast was so good. Thanks again.)