Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's not too late for you to enter this great giveaway

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I am printing six of my postcard collages as full-colur prints of roughly the same size as the original work. The prints will be 20cm X 16cm on Fabriano bright white 300gsm cotton paper. Only thing stopping the plates from being made and the ink rolling is my decision and I. Can you help me decide which six collages I should print. The prints will be an edition of ten. Above are a few for you to pick from, sixteen in fact. However, if you have a favourite postcard collage of mine not seen above, sing out and I will add it to the running tally.

For your help, I will be giving away three different prints to three different souls. Just leave a comment below (or on either of the two recent posts listed below) with which work or works you think I should make into a print and you will go into the running.

Thank you, all of you, in advance.

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(The potential for) A purse of winnings."

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