Saturday, April 08, 2006

Broken clouds

Staying Overnight at Xiaosha Stream

Trees, laced in mountain mist,
patch broken clouds;
the wind scatters a rainstorm of fragrant petals.
The green willows, it is said, are without feeling-
why then do they try so hard to touch the traveller
with their catkins?

Yang Wanli
Tr. Jonathan Chaves

I'm finding these zen poems quite soothing and peaceful, but I don't know what the hell they mean.

But sometimes it seems quite appropriate just to sit and read them.

They make a pleasant diversion inbetween painting commissons and stitching little owl pinnies for gracia & louise

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gracia said...

A little owl update for you.
Gertrude has flown off to NY, Pearl has packed her rucksack for California... and now both Pierre (your favourite one) & Eddie have taken off for Windsor! The little owls are leading exotic & exciting lives - maybe next time they'll take us with them.
grache x