Saturday, April 01, 2006


Well, it's another Saturday and I'm off to the footy. Off to see the Mighty Swans at the Telstra Dome - they're playing against Essendon. Hope they win! I'm looking forward to a pie & sauce already. I'm going to wear my lucky red & white socks and my favourite beanie.

Above you can see a small icon I created last year for an exhibition at the Fitzroy Gallery - an angel playing footy. Most appropriate for today. Except for the guernsey colours.



louise said...

Not long to go till kick off - go swannies!
cheers, lj

p.s. You'll need your wooly socks on, it's freezing out there.

a nice day out said...

Hope they fare better than the saints.Z

gracia said...

A pie & sauce and footy socks - a perfect pairing even if you lost!

See you, grache x