Monday, April 10, 2006

Defeat all round...

One Magpie, the cause of our defeat!

Unfortunately the Magpies thrashed the Hawks by 35 points. It was a sad day, saved only at the end of the match by sitting on the sidewalk, on the corner of Collins & Spencer, having a restorative latte and chatting about anything but football.

Those who know they do not know
Gain wisdom.
Those who pretend they know
Remain ignorant.

Those who acknowledge their weakness
Become strong.
Those who flaunt their power
Will lose it.

(Tao 71)

May the Coaches of my two favourite teams (Swans & Hawks) realise this by next weekend!

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a nice day out said...

I got on the tram after the match and the odour of stale pies, sweat and tears was overwhelming. Zoe