Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Button World

Ostorozhno Dveri Otkryvajutsja

What my buttons and threads get up to in my absence. Oh, dear!

Watch & enjoy.


gracia said...

What a find!

Love that button city, especially those yellow tourist buttons armed with their cameras.

love, g xo

ULLA said...

This is soooo clever! I need to learn how put a u-tube screen on my blog! Very sweet!!!

elaine haby said...

Hi Ulla,

Next to the You tube small screen you'll find the details of the person who posted the clip, on the right hand side. Underneath the line which reads 'url' you'll find the line 'embed'. Simply copy & paste the text/code and include it in your next posting as you would an image. I hope this makes sense.

Glad you liked the button city..... elaine

Florence said...

Hi Elaine, this is a great find. I'll post this on my blog too - with reference to you of course ;)


elaine haby said...

hi florence and thanks.... yes I wish I could direct these little buttons to complete some of my overdue tasks... e