Sunday, January 28, 2007

Farewell Frankie

Frankie's not off to Hollywood, Frankie's off to Virginia, USA. My first stuffie is off to a new, shiny home in the States, and is being wrapped up for the journey. Discover a little more over here and take a wander to find some of Frankie's ol' mates as well, before they disappear (fingers crossed).

Plus more little colourful felt numbers created with cat lovers in mind, and soon to be available here.


gracia said...

Safe travels, Frankie... across the seas too, oh my! Do send us a postcard... g xo

louise said...

What an exciting journey your little stuffie has ahead of him.

Bon Voyage!

cheers, LJ

ULLA said...

Such a sweet stuffie! Have a great trip Frankie!!!

alyssa said...

I love Frankie! All the details are so wonderful. Do you draw your creatures first or do they come together as you go along? Brilliant!

elaine haby said...

Thanks Ulla.

Thanks Alyssa. I just start by having a loose idea of an animal and colors and materials and then just let the design evolve or morph into whatever it wants to become...elaine