Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New stuffies fresh from the sewing table

Meet Mustard Betty with large yellow eyes and a friendly disposition. This stripey legged feline stuffie will soon be available here.

And now, please meet Anna Antenna, complete with a small pink rabbit companion in her pocket. She'll soon be available through the hammer & daisy online store too, and she's keen to go to a good home, local or abroad.

Plus, new felt pins as well, to mark the Year of the Pig, 2007. A little pink pig with button eyes and sparkly felt on the reverse side. And with Easter fast approaching, expect to see rabbits, chickens and eggs working their way into my pins.


gracia said...

With little Frankie sent a-packing this morning, wrapped up tight like a little ball, in gads of tissue and swathes of ribbon, I was rather hoping that this fetching pair, Mustard Betty & Anna Antenna, would stay a little while longer in my company before heading off. Oh, well... I'd best pop them on the shop quick smart so that they can find new homes and embark upon new, exciting adventures.

g xo

louise said...

I love these latest two, Elaine. And I love the next ones I have been lucky enough to preview too.

Cheers, LJ

kirsten said...

I just discovered your site and am IN LOVE with your brooches and stuffies!! I have listed you in my favourites on my site - please come by for a visit!!

elaine haby said...

hi Kirsten... glad you loved the brooches and stuffies. You can see more of them on Hammer and Daisy website along with a lot of other little beauties...journals and pencilcases... I'd love to swing by and visit your site but I can't get through at present, but I'll try again...e